History-Famous Clients/Guests

1971: The international jet set falls in love with Mykonos and while wondering the narrow alleyways of Chora comes across a restaurant which stands out because of its homemade food and high quality ingredients. Babis serving and Katerina cooking soon turned Catrin’s into the place-to-be for a number of celebrities looking to taste the island’s most delicious dishes.

Maria Kallas as well as Jackie Onassis, Soragia, Paul McCartney the famous “Beatle”, Claudia Cardinalle, Pink Floyd and FIAT’s chairman, Gianni Agnelli have been some of Babis and Katerina’s most loyal customers. Christina Onassis’ party, with dancing on the tables, is still an unforgettable moment in the history of Catrin’s.

Almost five decades later, Pericles, Babis and Katerina’s son takes over the restaurant. The recipe for success continues unchanged, with Pericles in the kitchen and, as with his parents before him, the emphasis is on the finest quality, freshest ingredients. Alongside Pericles, all generations of the Griziotis family is/are play a role in the running of the restaurant, giving Catrin’s its unique family feel.

And the parade of celebrity guests continues to this day: artists, designers, actors, athletes, models, figures from the business world, all lovers of good food. Amongst them, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Agni Baltsa, Sakis Rouvas, Beatriz Baross, Ηasslem and Russell Crowe always make sure they have a table at Catrin’s…